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Tiger Shrimp by J Eddie Edwards

FunnySunLit Fiction1 Comment

In Tiger Shrimp, a young grocery clerk ponders a difficult question: what items can a customer morally shoplift? He would probably let slide a hungry thief making off with staples like bread, potatoes, or even a chicken, but when a man purloins a pound of fully cooked colossal tiger shrimp, the clerk--who happens to be a runner on his high school track team--decides to give chase.

Stealing Home by Ray Morrison

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In Stealing Home, Donnie attends an Atlanta Braves game at Turner Field with his father, who has late-stage Alzheimer’s. An impatient man by nature, Donnie is torn between correcting his father’s belief that they are watching the Yankees of 1960 and relaxing enough to enjoy what might be the last game they attend together.