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Transition to The Sheila Stories with host and storyteller Pat Kelly

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Host and storyteller Pat Kelly gives a four minute introduction to The Sheila Stories—a new series of stories about an Australian woman in the 1930s, ‘40s, and ‘50s.


I’m Pat Kelly – the fiction editor for the podcast. Our host—Megan Kelly—sends her regards.

Thank you for listening to the Sunlit Story Time podcast and reading the stories on the website.

We have enjoyed producing a show of feel-great short stories written by talented authors and told by talented actors.

Unfortunately, like many online literary magazines and podcasts before us, SunLit has run short of the time and money required to produce the show.

However, I have now created a new series of audio stories that I believe will leave you with the same feel-great buzz you felt whenever you listened to SunLit Story Time.

About the Sheila Stories

Do you love Australians?

Do you love the greatest generation? The men and women who did their part to fight and win World War II?

Or maybe you just love adventure stories with a strong female lead.

If any of these describes you, listen in because you’ll love the Sheila Stories.

Here is a quick overview: 

The framework is a classic story within story:

The outer layer is formed by a widower—Thomas—and his two young daughters, Natalie and April. Thomas is concerned because the girls don’t have a strong female figure in their lives, so he starts telling them the Sheila Stories, a series of adventures involving an Australian woman in the 1930s, '40s, and '50s.

But Sheila is no ordinary woman

At the age of eighteen, she comes into some money and leaves a comfortable home in Sydney to buy a sheep farm in Queensland.

At that’s just the beginning for during the course of the stories, Sheila

Befriends aboriginal farm workers

Learns to shoot a rifle

Almost drowns

Fights dingos and a poisonous snake

Buys a ten thousand acre cattle station

Dances to big band music in Toowoomba

Joins the Australian Women’s Army Service in WW 2

Drives an ambulance

Risks her life to save another

Helps disabled servicemen

Marries a soldier

Moves to America

Runs a bed and breakfast in Cape May New Jersey

Teaches patience to a child

And opens a surf shop


I invite you to put your cares aside for thirty minutes a week and join me on a great journey.

Strike out to find your fortune at the age of eighteen.

Fight for a worthy cause.

Fall in love.

Experience the heartbreak of loss.

Laugh. Cry. Feel the salt air on your face as you ride your surfboard on the beaches of Sydney.

You just might have the time of your life.

About the Storyteller

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Pat lives in Austin. He likes to cook dinner with his wife, listen to any kind of good music, and take long walks in beautiful places.

Pat is the author of four Joe Robbins novels and a college crime story titled Only Yes Means Yes. You can find Pat’s work on Amazon under his author name Patrick Kelly. Learn more about Pat’s writing at his website: